Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Try these Home Remedies

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To those that are being hurt by the pain of carpal tunnel, you know the recommendation on what to do. There is so much pain associated with this syndrome. Apply cold compresses to the wrist and take anti-inflammatory medication. Also don’t forget to try and avoid using the wrist much at all. This is not easy, you have daily tasks and chores to take care of. Things like driving or organizing things for work. Its not the easiest thing to avoid using your wrist. This will affect your quality of life. Carpal tunnel syndrome attacks effect typing and many type of repetitive action for work.


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Here are some simple home remedies that have been reported to show promising signs of helping to alleviate the pain, swelling and other symptoms that you may commonly experience when a flair up occurs. Most of these can be implemented relatively easily into any daily regimen that you may have.

  1. Adding foods and dietary enzyme supplements to your daily diet that contain bromelain can help to get relief from carpal tunnel and keep future attacks under control in most cases. Bromelain can help to reduce tissue swelling that occurring when a person suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. Foods such as pineapple, papaya and kiwi fruit are rich in bromelain and can easily be included into most diets with much disruption to caloric intake or other limitations that you may be following.
  2. Increasing your Vitamin C intake is considered to be one of the most promising aides when trying to alleviate pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. Vitamin C is credited for decreasing swelling and rejuvenating health to injured tissue.
  3. Massaging the arm, forearm, wrist and hand of the arm that is suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome can effectively help to treat the pain and swelling. Using herbal massage oil can provide even more promising results.
  4. Yoga can help to ease your symptoms from this painful syndrome by increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body and creating a healing in the carpal tunnel.
  5. Soak your sore wrist in a solution of hot water and Epsom salt for 3 minutes. The water should be as hot of a temperature as you can handle. You will then need to soak the wrist in a cold water solution for 30 seconds.
  6. There are MANY other things you can do from your own home to cure your carpal tunnel problems. Click here to learn more about what you can do to eliminate your wrist pain for good.

A Simple Carpal Tunnel Treatment You Can Try At Home

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Easy Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem that affects many people across all age groups. This painful condition is characterized by pain or discomfort in the forearm, wrist and fingers and can inhibit free movement of the arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the carpal nerve, which is located in the wrist is compressed by excess fluid or tissue. Many people develop this painful condition when they overuse the hands or wrists or when they gain weight rapidly during pregnancy. Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome can range from home remedies to surgery which eases the pressure on the nerve. Before you go under the knife for relief, try a simple carpal tunnel treatment you can try at home. Also, if you are looking for more all natural home treatments that don’t involve surgery, check out my review of the Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment Guide here,

Give it a Rest

The easiest remedy to relieve the pressure and pain in the wrist is to allow it to rest. Carpal tunnel syndrome often flares and gets worse with overuse. Excess typing or writing can cause the pain to become worse. To relieve the pressure, elevate your wrists above your heart and allow the blood to flow freely throughout the hand and wrist. Take frequent breaks to prevent and alleviate the pressure.

Watch Your Posture

Your hand position is a huge factor in managing the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep the wrist straight and flat, making sure not to bend your wrist downward when typing. Ergonomic keyboards and wrist rests with gel pads can help take the pressure off of your aching wrists. If a wrist rest is not available, use a book or other firm object to keep the wrist flat.

Cool Down

Carpal tunnel syndrome can become worse when the tissues in the hand and wrist become inflamed due to bloating and swelling. Use a cool ice pack to ease the pain and soothe the muscle and tendons. Lightly massage the area, loosening the muscles.

Click here to learn many other remedies to alleviate the pain and pressure of carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition may be temporary, such as pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. In some cases, weight loss can ease the suffering. Whatever method you choose, just remember that there are simple carpal tunnel remedies that you can use at home.

5 Carpal Tunnel Symptoms – Here is How To Cure Them Now…

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There are some pretty serious symptoms associated with carpel tunnel syndrome. This can cause a lot of problems for adults. Carpal tunnel occurs are repeating a motion over and over. This can lead to larger problems if it isn’t treated. There are so many ways to treat the carpal tunnel. Here is how to learn. Its important to understand the carpal tunnel symptoms. There are 5 symptoms, knowing about this will teach you how to cure this ailment forever. Let’s get into it.

  • Numbness and tingling is usually the first symptom that people begin to see. This can center on one region or spread up the arm. To fight this, gentle stretches are recommended on a daily basis to keep the area healthy. Special tools may be used, such as exercise bands, to aid with stretching the wrist and hand.
  • Stiffness in the joints on the affected side may occur after sleep. Adults may wake up feeling stiff and have sore joints. To help with this, a wrist guard or splint may be used during sleep. These will keep the area in proper position, preventing it from flexing in ways that can lead to stiffness.
  • Fatigue commonly occurs in arms affected by carpal tunnel. To prevent this, frequent breaks should be taken. during these breaks, stretches or other tasks should be completed. This provides more variety for muscles and prevents repetitive strain.
  • Swelling is another frequent symptom to carpal tunnel. It may occur at joints or throughout the arm. One of the best ways to cure this is to use ice to reduce inflammation. A physician may recommend a combination of medication and exercise to reduce the underlying cause. By keeping swelling down, the carpal tunnel can begin to heal. Combining this with exercises designed to strengthen the area can make a real difference for a long term cure.
  • Compression can occur on the median nerve due to excessive weight. For this reason, many who suffer from carpal tunnel are urged to shed excess weight. This can help alleviate the pressure places on nerves and joints. Weight loss may need to be monitored by a physician if there are other health concerns to prevent problems. For many, this can be the key to 5 carpal tunnel symptoms and how to cure them forever.

If you think you have carpal tunnel, fortunately there are MANY cures for it. Some all natural solutions, some that require medication or even surgery.

I caution you… before you think about getting surgery, give the all natural methods a shot. They work for a surprising number of people suffering from carpal tunnel. Most of the times it’s something that can be fixed pretty quickly.

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Wrist Pain? Here are Some Easy Carpal Tunnel Treatments

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A lot of individuals have early symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome consistently. Whether it is pain in the writ, feeling weak, feeling numb, or cold fingers and joints. A lot of times the symptoms start to affect your daily life and become much worse at night.

Almost everyone knows about wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, not everyone understands ho it actually comes about though. Normally carpal tunnel symptoms emerge after the wrist has become completely hurt after repeated strain. The median nerve is a transmitter for feeling from the wrist to hand. It can become compressed. That can cause all sorts of pain on a wide spectrum.Some simple carpal tunnel treatments that many individuals find effective include massage, ice therapy, joint support gloves and anti-inflammatory medications.


Many individuals who suffer from the aforementioned symptoms find relief through gentle massage techniques which concentrate on the base of the hand where the most flesh is found. One should have the massage performed by someone else rather than attempt to do it alone, as it is a job for two hands. Many times, significant relief can be found when the massage is performed consistently two to three times each week.


Another treatment that some carpal tunnel syndrome patients find very beneficial is ice therapy. The application of an ice pack to the inside of the painful wrist for approximately ten minutes can effectively relief the majority of symptoms for up to two hours. Ice calms inflammation and reduces swelling, which relieves the compression surrounding the nerve.

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Joint Support Gloves

Gentle-compression gloves are highly beneficial to those suffering from the wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Such gloves capture the body heat of the wearer which effectively helps to relieve muscle and joint pain. There are a wide variety of joint support gloves available and it is not difficult for a person to find a style that fits his or her budget.


Simple carpal tunnel treatments also include certain non-habit forming medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Many times, patients find substantial relief from their symptoms by opting for a combination of anti-inflammatory medications and one or more of the treatments listed above. However, it is wise to consult a physician before beginning any new medication or treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I would also recommend you give all natural carpal tunnel treatments a try before you progress on to medication and surgery. They work for a good number of suffers of carpal tunnel.

Easy Carpal Tunnel Exercises That Cure Your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Fast

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5 Easy Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Carpal tunnel is a painful nerve condition of the wrist, often brought on from overuse or repetitive motion of the forearm or hand. Keep in mind that exercises are only one way of modifying the behavior that caused the condition. Try them gently to make sure you don’t do more harm than good, and always see a doctor if carpal tunnel symptoms worsen.

Carpal tunnel is a painful condition of the nerve of the wrist, often caused by overuse or repetitive movement of the forearm and/or hand area. Remember that these exercises are just a way to modify the behavior that caused the condition to begin with. Gently try it to make sure it does no more harm than good and always consult a doctor if the carpal tunnel symptoms get worse.

• Warm Up. Hold your arms straight out in front of you. Flex your wrists so that your fingers point to the ceiling. Hold the position for five seconds, then release and let your fingers hang down, relaxed. Make a fist with both hands and squeeze hard, then flex your wrists down, hold for five seconds and relax. Lower your arms to your sides and shake your fingers gently. Repeat this exercise ten times. By the way, if you ever want to learn more natural exercises, check out my review of Carpal Tunnel Master here.

• Nerve-Gliding Finger Exercise. Start with hands extended, fingers straight and level with your wrist. Curl your fingers into a hook, then straighten. Curl your fingers into a fist, then straighten. Bend your fingers so they are perpendicular to your wrist. Repeat ten times.

• Nerve-Gliding Thumb Exercise. Make a fist, then straighten your fingers and thumb. Flex your wrist back, and move your thumb as far from your palm as possible. Hold this position for five seconds. Flip your wrist so your palm faces up. Take hold of your thumb with your other hand and gently stretch it away from your palm. Hold for five seconds, then repeat five times.

• Shoulder Exercise. Carpal tunnel symptoms may also be eased by stretching shoulder muscles, and can be done standing or sitting. Begin with your shoulders in a neutral position. Raise both shoulders, roll them back, down, forward and up, returning to a neutral position. Repeat five times.

• Neck Exercise. Keeping your neck tension-free will help your shoulders, and in turn may help ease carpal tunnel pain. Let your head fall gently forward of its own weight. Roll it to the left shoulder, then back, allowing your jaw to relax. Roll to the right shoulder, then forward and up. Repeat five times.

These exercises are very powerful treatments for carpal tunnel. If you’d like to learn more natural remedies to treat your carpal tunnel pain, check out this review I wrote of Carpal Tunnel Master here. You can also download the guide from that page.

The Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment You Can Do Right Now

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when frequent and repetitive motions cause inflammation of the tendons in the wrist. This causes intense pain and can prevent sufferers from engaging in everyday activities such as typing and writing. In fact, thousands of people go on disability leave from work each year due to the symptoms suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

While surgery can be quite effective for treating the illness, there are treatments that you can do right now to receive immediate relief:

  1. Firstly, wrapping an ice pack around your wrist can be an extremely therapeutic measure. Since pretty much everyone has some ice in their freezers it is a remedy that can be done at any time. Ice helps reduce inflammation of the tendons it also soothes the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  2. Secondly, wearing a wrist splint can also be helpful in reducing pain. A wrist splint can be made at home by putting two rectangular boards on each side of the wrist and binding them with tape. The splint should not be too tight, but the wrist should also not be able to bend at all in the splint in order for it to be effective.
  3. Thirdly, if you must use your computer, be sure to purchase an ergonomic aid so that your wrists will be kept straight as you type. Make sure to rest your wrists every half hour for a few minutes in order to give your tendons a chance to relax.
  4. In addition, massaging the affected area can also help reduce the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Use massage oil to rub the affected area in a circular motion for five to ten minutes each day.

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Lastly, there are some over the counter medications that can give you some relief from the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen help reduce pain and swelling associated with the syndrome. You should contact your doctor before beginning these drugs to discuss any possible side effects, risks or drug interactions.

However, before going the medical route, try out this natural remedies guide for Carpal Tunnel. These natural treatments work really well.

Best Carpal Tunnel Master Treatment Review – Avoid Surgery!

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If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome right now, do not panic. Take a deep breath because I’ve got great news for you

Carpal Tunnel is easy to cure when you know the right things to do and follow them. Most doctors will tell you that you are going to need surgery to cure this, however the absolute truth is not only is the surgery terribly painful, it’s EXTREMELY expensive, and in most cases not even necessary.

I like you, was considering the surgery until I stumbled upon a very thorough home treatment guide called “Carpal Tunnel Master“…

I had done a large amount of research online looking for possible cures, and while a lot of them did work, the effects weren’t permanent.

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